Survey Junkie Make Money Doing Surveys Online

Survey Junkie is an online survey-taking platform on which you can around $5 per hour if you successfully qualify for the surveys posted by them.

But they certainly provide you with the feature of at least earn about $0.10 in a minute every day. Their payout rates are $5 and hence once you have reached the threshold of $5 you can redeem it as you wish.

As for any survey you need to qualify first to get the survey started. Also note that the survey sites mentioned here work only for the USA, Canada, and Australia. In all the other countries people are not eligible for this survey program which we are talking about. So the website we are talking about is Survey Junkie.

Let me guide you step by step to register at Survey Junkie and make you reach your $5 payout within a few hours.

As it’s quite easy and takes only a few minutes to do so. So let’s get started with it and do the surveys. If you want to earn money online then you would also like to read this post on ways to make money online.

Step 1: Register at Survey Junkie

You will earn a bonus of $5 after you register using the above referral links. Once you have registered on Survey Junkie using the email address of your liking.

You are set to start doing the survey but before that, you need to start completing your profile. Once you have completed your profile details and interest you will earn around $5 for free.

After you have reached the threshold of $5 you can easily reimburse the money using PayPal, Amazon, or Bank Transfer.

Since Survey Junkie has recently changed its method of payment unless you are verified on call by Survey Junkie customer service you will not be allowed to redeem using PayPal and Amazon. You will be only allowed to do bank transfers as an unverified user.

To get verified all you have to do is contact their customer service by clicking on the help or contact button on their website and send them the details and problem in that mail.

After a day or so you will receive a response from the survey junkie team to get verified by setting up a call with them.

Once you are a verified user, you can redeem the money from any of the methods listed on the website. Survey Junkie customer service is very legit and they offer instant assistance if you are legit.

Survey Junkie
Dashboard of Points of Survey Junkie

You can see the history of your survey completion on the history page. From there you can see the list of the surveys completed on the Survey Junkie page.

So you will see Current points and Lifetime Points. Current points in total points you haven’t redeemed and Lifetime points are total points you have earned on the Survey Junkie website. As shown in the below image.

Step 2: Update your Payment Page and Earn Money Online by Doing a Survey

You need to update your payment email address that is you are required to enter your Paypal Email Address to receive the money.

So all you need to do is go to the settings tab by clicking on the profile picture at the top of the right corner. Once you reached there you will see the Paypal email and e-gift card email.

Enter your Paypal email address or enter your normal running email address in the e-gift card email address to receive the e-gift card in that email address account.

So upon redemption, if you chose the e-gift card then you can see an email from Survey Junkie with a coupon or gift card code.

Survey Junkie
Get Rewarded Always

That’s all required you to do initially to complete the profile and start earning money from Survey Junkie and it will pay you off.

So since currently most of us are working from home we can easily invest a few minutes daily to gain a few bucks and redeem them as cash or gift cards whichever suits you best. Earn Money Online by Doing a Survey using all the tips above.

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