Top 4 Ways to Make Free Money Online Today

There is various way you can make money online. Hence today we will be discussing the Top 4 Ways to Make Free Money Online Today.

Most people always think of earning money or making money online passively at whatever age they are now. All the methods discussed are free of age that even if you are the age of 15 or 13 you can start making money even if you do not have Paypal Account.

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1. Sell Merchandise on CafePress

Yeah selling merchandise online is the new cool thing to make free money online. But you might be thinking if you are going to make the merchandise then you need to have a setup and everything then how come it is free money.

So the answer to the questions is you don’t need to build the merchandise all you have to do is to design those merchandise and a company or CafePress will make those merchandise for you.

Ways to Make Free Money Online

And once your designed merchandise makes a sale you will earn your commission whatever you have set in there platform. The first step is to register as a Seller on CafePress here. Then once you are registered then you can start designing your merchandise whatever you choose to sell on the CafePress.

Note that creating a seller account on CafePress is completely free and it will not cost you anything. All you have to do is create your design.

Upload it to the CafePress website and then get it listing and Wallah your product is ready to be sold and earn a commission.

I know starting it can look like a little tedious job but with little practice and knowledge, you can gain expertise and make a living out of it or passive money in huge amounts probably.

You can get Paid on CafePress by Check or by Paypal. If you do not have a PayPal Account Click here to know how to open one and get activated.

But there is a minimum payout system in which you have to reach $25 for PayPal then you can get your money, Or $100 for Check.

There are various types of merchandise you can sell on CafePress to know more watch the below videos.

And also subscribe to my channel for more such videos. If you do not see any video it means it is a work in progress. I will surely update it later.

2. Create A Social Media Presence

Second, on the list which you can do for free is that you can create a Social Media Presence. For example, create a Facebook Page or Instagram Account Or Twitter Account or Pinterest. With these once start creating follower on your accounts. Make a free post about images or videos or anything that is viral.

Get or make people follow your Instagram or Twitter account. Once you have reached more than 10,000 Followers you will be able to make a lot of money doing shoutouts for various people on account of some money.

You can sell merchandise using your Social Accounts and make money easily as your followers will buy the merchandise you wear.

image 1

Also, you can post gigs on the Fiverr account and start posting gigs there to do shout-outs for people for the price of more than $5 whichever you like.

If I should give you an example of how powerful social media presence can make you money then you can Google that Kim Kardashian makes more than $1 million per post on Instagram.

Isn’t that insane. It might be possible you can’t achieve the celebrity status very soon but doing everything properly you can get the follower on your social media pages. Create TikTok videos and ask people to follow you on Instagram.

Always try to come with very good content. People always want to see the good stuff. Currently, memes are having a lot of buzz in the market create free memes on your page and post. Eventually, people will start following your pages.

3. Become A Freelancer on Fiverr

Freelancing is another method to earn free money online. Every one of you is good at something such as programming, writing, drawing, video editing and you can use these skills and you can sell them online on a website like Fiverr.

Fiverr is a very good platform where you can sell various kinds of gigs as per your choice and field in which you are good.

Way to make money online

Fiverr is currently like social media of freelancers where freelancers post their gigs and tell what service they can provide what will be the amount they will be charging and what is the duration to complete any project if they take.

I know there are various other sites such as Freelancer and Upwork, But in my opinion, Fiverr is very good with its service, and earnings are very good if you are very specific and provide a niche service.

Way to make money online

On Fiverr, you can sell your merchandise designs also as discussed in the first pointer in this post. So you will be making more money doing designing for yourself and your customers. There are various other things to explore on Fiverr and find a niche product or skills which you can endorse or sell on Fiverr.

4. Start A YouTube Channel is Niche Section

Since the explosion of YouTube, it has become the most evident source of income for most of the people who are really good at their work or area in which they are passionate about.

For example, if you will see PewDiePie he is the most subscribed individual YouTuber on this planet. And his worth is more than 15 million dollars isn’t that is great.

Well, now YouTube isn’t that easy as it used to be in its early stage. As there are the majority of people in all the niches available and has quite a decent amount of audience as their viewer.

70+ Free Youtuber & Video Vectors - Pixabay

But that does not mean that you should not start a YouTube Channel. Always try to find a Niche thing and have a decent amount of knowledge regarding that area of interest which you want to show to the people.

Over time if you will post quality videos over the YouTube channel consistently YouTube algorithm will start recognizing your channel and it will start to blow over time with good views and subscribers.

Some of the Niche sections can be news related to specific topics such as hip hop, pop artist only. I think there aren’t many YouTube channel which provided what’s going on hip hop or pop artists life daily.

If you are someone who likes to create videos and are happy to be on camera I think it will be a very good niche to follow.

Once you grow your audience you can always create a brand for yourself and can start selling merchandise to your audience.

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