How to Transfer Money From Emerald Card to My Bank Account

Learn how to transfer money from Emerald Card to my Bank account in this tutorial. Unlike other debit cards, Emerald is a prepaid debit card. Sending money, making purchases, paying bills, and depositing funds into a bank account are all options.

Saving money for the future or conducting other bank account transactions requires a prepaid card that allows you to transfer money into your bank account.

The Emerald card is issued by MetaBank to facilitate tax refund deposits. To use it, you must have a MasterCard and a MasterCard-compatible ATM card.

FDIC insurance is included because the certificate was issued by a bank. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protects your funds in the event of a financial institution failure. In order to comply with the law, every bank must ensure each and every account is under its control.

The Emerald card gives you the ability to manage your account online through the MyBlock mobile application. This allows you to have quick and easy access to your funds, allowing you to complete your transactions with a few simple taps.

You can check your card balance as well as your transaction history if you have an online account. When performing such straightforward operations, there is no reason to visit an ATM, nor will you feel the need to contact customer service to inquire about your balance.

How To Apply For An Emerald Card?

How to Transfer Money From Emerald Card to My Bank Account

For the prequalification process, you can submit an online application for the card. You’ll need your Social Security number, personal contact information, and the amount of your tax refund from the previous year.

You can provide personal information by providing an email address as well as a phone number and physical address.

Depending on your credit score, you can get an Emerald Advance of $350-$1000. You must be at least 18 years old in order to apply for the card.

Delivery of the debit card will be made to your physical address after you apply for it. Once you’ve received it, you’ll need to call the Emerald Card helpline at 1-866-353-1266 to get it activated. To use the MyBlock mobile app to manage your money, you’ll need to create an online account first.

How to Transfer Money from Emerald Card to my bank account

How to Transfer Money From Emerald Card to My Bank Account

The Emerald card can be used to transfer money between accounts that are linked to it. When you apply for your card, keep in mind that you must link it to a banking account. In most cases, this is a checking account that you use for everyday transactions.

For the purpose of linking your bank account to your Emerald prepaid Mastercard, you must navigate to the add bank section and enter your bank information, which includes the account and routing number.

It is possible to transfer funds into a bank account after successfully linking it to your PayPal account. This allows you to transfer money between your bank account and the bank account of someone else, as well as to conduct various other types of transactions.

How Do I Get Funds Out Of My Emerald Card?

There are a variety of options for withdrawing funds from your credit card. The following are some examples.

1. Using ATM

Your Emerald Prepaid MasterCard can be used at any ATM that displays the Maestro, Mastercard, or Cirrus brand marks. Some ATMs may charge a $3 withdrawal fee. When you access money at an ATM, you can get cash whenever you need it.

How Do I Get Funds Out Of My Emerald Card?

2. Withdraw Money At Bank

Money can be withdrawn to a bank account, according to what we have confirmed. Your money can now be used for transactions that you would otherwise be unable to complete using your card.

3. At Over The Counter Stores

Any financial institution that accepts the card will be able to process withdrawals from your account using your prepaid card. You will, however, be required to pay a transaction fee of $35.00. Withdrawing money from an ATM can save you approximately $32 in fees. As Withdrawal at ATM has a fee of only $3.

4. At Cashback Stores

When you use your card at a participating retailer, you will be eligible to receive cashback. It is possible that the POS will charge you a fee for the transaction.

5. Using Cheques and ACH Transfer

If you need to withdraw large amounts of money that you cannot withdraw from an ATM, you can request a check from the card service provider to cash out at a bank. The company will transfer money from your card account to your bank account if you request a one-time automated clearing house (ACH).

Why Should You Get Emerald Card?

An H&R Block tax refund advance loan requires the card. The company offers loans at the start of every tax season. Neither checks nor direct deposits are accepted.

H&R Block loans are available in five different loan amounts: $250, $500, $750, $1,250, and $3,500. The primary advantage of H&R Block is that their loans have a 0% annual percentage rate. We are all aware that many lenders charge interest on loans.

Why Should You Get Emerald Card?

Some lenders are so greedy that they charge exorbitant interest rates, financially draining borrowers. To qualify for the advance loans, you must file your taxes through H&R Block and pay all applicable fees.

Despite its critical nature, the Emerald card charges a variety of fees when used as a standard debit card. There is a $3.00 fee for each ATM withdrawal and a $1.50 fee for each balance inquiry or decline. Additionally, the ATM service provider may charge you additional fees.

If you remain without using the card for 60 days, you will be charged a $4.95 monthly fee. Additionally, the card issuer charges a cash reloading fee of up to $4.95. If you use the card to make a payment, you will be charged 95 cents.

Is My Money Safe In Emerald Card?

Your funds are secure with the Emerald card, as it is FDIC insured. As a result, even if the business fails, you will receive your money back.

The FDIC insures funds up to $250,000. If the company goes bankrupt, you retain your money. MetaBank stores your funds on your card, and because the bank is FDIC insured, the funds on your card are secure.

Is My Money Safe In Emerald Card?

Also, the card’s PIN prevents unauthorized ATM withdrawals. Check the card’s PIN when you receive it. At an ATM, you can change it. People can use the card information to pay for goods or services online, so don’t give it out to strangers.

You may be restricted from using your card if your card issuer detects fraud in your account. When using an ATM, you will see the message “Account restricted.” A temporary issue designed to keep you from losing money. Emerald is not alone in this, credit unions, bank accounts, and mobile wallets all impose similar limitations.

Emerald Card Withdrawal Limit

There is no maximum balance on the Emerald card. After you receive a card, Emerald has the option to set that balance. Card limits and fees should be made clear to consumers in order for them to make an informed decision.

ATM withdrawals up to $3,000 per day are permitted with the Emerald card. ATM withdrawals are typically limited to no more than $1,000 per day with most cards.

However, Emerald’s $1,000 cash load limit is lower than the industry average. The average price is about $2,000. The daily spending limit is $3,000, which is in line with the national average.

Does Emerald Card Have Routing Number And Account Number?

Yes. The routing and account numbers are both printed on the card. There is no difference in the routing number for everyone, and if you need to provide it somewhere, it is 101089742 (But do check once before sharing).

Direct deposits require you to provide the routing number as well as the account number to reputable individuals and organizations.

Does Emerald Card Have Routing Number And Account Number?

Remember that some scammers can use your account and routing number to order checks from the card issuer. So you can lose money. You can find your routing and account numbers by logging into your account online.

Call customer service for your routing and account numbers. To send money using an Emerald card, all you need is the recipient’s account number.

Even if you want to send money instantly from your bank account to someone else’s, you only need the account number and possibly the recipient’s official name for confirmation.

Does the Emerald debit card expire?

Like other debit cards, this one has an expiration date. You can’t use it anymore once it’s expired, so you’ll have to purchase a new one.

There is a new card number associated with the new card. You can order your Emerald Card by calling 1-866-353-1266 customer service. Before the expiration date of your current Emerald card, it is always a good idea to order a new one.

Wrap Up

Metabank issues the Emerald card, which is FDIC insured. So your funds are safe in the account. The card is a prepaid debit card for H&R Block advances. The card can be used to pay for goods and services online, in stores, or at ATMs.

Let me know in the comment section if you still have any questions related to the Emerald Card I will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does Emerald Card ATM Has No Fee?

No, Emerald Card Does have an ATM fee. You may have to pay a minimum ATM withdrawal fee of $3. It usually depends on the bank ATM you are going to use

Can You See Pending Deposits On Emerald Card?

Yes, you can see the pending deposits on your Emerald Card. Open the MyBlock mobile application and select Transactions from the drop-down menu. By clicking on a button, you can switch between pending and posted statuses.

What Time Does H&R Block Emerald Card Post Deposits?

Direct deposit funds are loaded into the Emerald Card from H&R Block at 4 a.m. CST on the date set by the payer. When H&R Block receives a tax refund from the IRS, it is loaded as soon as possible.