United States Business Directories Of 2022

Modern capitalism is structured in a way that you specialize in one thing and others specialize in other things. Then, when you require something to be done that you do not specialize in but someone else does, you go ahead and hire the services of a service provider.

Ideally, you would want a service provider who is available during the hours you are at home or wherever you need the service, charges not too high, lives near you, and above all, performs well. In the case that you currently need a service provider to help you, it is best for you to look through a business directory.  

What Is A Business Directory?

A business directory is a platform that consists of profiles of businesses. Those businesses are categorized into the type of business they are. For example, a plumbing business in Salt Lake City, Utah will appear on a page with all other plumbing businesses located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The secret to the popularity of business directories lies in the fact that they are simply beneficial. In an online business directory, all you need to do is type out the city you are in and what category of business you are looking for and you will get a list of every business near you that belongs to that category. The quality of a business directory depends on multiple factors.  

The first factor is the amount of area it serves. A business directory that features businesses from the entirety of the United States will obviously be more reputed than a business directory featuring businesses of just one state or a few states.

Secondly, the number of companies featured is also a factor. A business directory with more businesses featured is considered to be better than a business directory with lesser businesses featured. Having only companies that are verified and vetted is also a good thing.

Yet another thing people judge business directories on is the amount of information available about each business. For example, a directory that lets customers post and sees reviews about businesses is considered to be better than a directory that does not.   

Keep in mind that most business directories today are online. And unless you want to scroll through pages and pages of a book to find the business that you are looking for, you would want to use an online business directory as well.

Your experience of this kind of directory will be much better if you have top-notch internet. In the case that you do not have that already, we would suggest that you subscribe to Comcast internet. Comcast is known for ensuring fast and dependable connections through its internet service provision brand – Xfinity. 

Top Business Directories Of 2022

Now that we have told you what a business directory is and how you can make use of it, let us proceed and tell you about the best business directories of the year 2022 so you can go ahead and start using them! Bear in mind that our list only features directories that feature businesses based in the United States of America.  


United States Business Directories Of 2022

Yelp is the largest business directory in the world in terms of monthly active users. We say this with so much surety knowing that it was reported that over 33 million users came to Yelp every month through just the mobile app.

And considering that this report came out a while back, it is understandable if the number has grown over recent times. Its popularity can be attributed to its resourceful participatory culture and the accuracy of the content on it.

In fact, it has 177 million reviews posted on it – more than on any other business directory in the world. Alongside, Yelp also verifies businesses themselves and lets you know whether the business is indeed verified.  

Better Business Bureau

Have you ever seen the terms “BBB Accredited” or “BBB Rated” written on the websites of business providers? Well, that BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. And that should tell you a lot about why BBB is considered a good business directory.

It only features businesses that are credible and actually provide the service they are claiming to provide. Alongside, BBB gives businesses ratings depending on their quality. 

Wrap Up

For now, this is it. You should know that there are business directories other than the ones we consider the best and have mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. Good luck with choosing the directory that best fits your needs.

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