Who is PewDiePie And How much does PewDiePie make in 2021?

PewDiePie is an individual creator on youtube. He is having more than 105 million subscribers on YouTube which makes him the most subscribed individual creator on YouTube in the world.

PewDiePie came to light from his controversy from T-Series which is an Indian YouTube music video channel that overtook PewDiePie thrown of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world in 2019.

It almost became a PewDiePie vs T-Series for over a year in which PewDiePie again almost more than 60 million YouTube subscribers. But Finally, T-Series dethroned him with more than 5 million subscribers in 2019 after which the PewDiePie channel was not able to Catch up.

Who is PewDiePie and How old is PewDiePie?

PewDiePie real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He is a Swedish YouTuber, comedian, and philanthropist, known primarily for his Let’s Play videos and comedic formatted shows. He was born on 24 Oct 1989 (30 Years) in Sweden.

Who is PewDiePie
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How Much Does PewDiePie Earns Per Day?

PewDiePie earns around $10,000 per day from his YouTube Channel and from his merchandise which he promotes on his YouTube Channel.

So Basically, PewDiePie is making more than $350k per month which is very huge money for any individual creator on YouTube in the world.

He made that happen because he was putting videos on YouTube since its inception and he never gave up.

So, main learning from this is if you are good at something and can make a camera appearance then start making videos and start posting it on YouTube.

Try putting at least one video a week and also try promoting it which YouTube ads which help in growing your channel and subscriber base.

How much is PewDiePie worth?

PewDiePie net worth is currently $15 million in total. And it is growing every year as his popularity increased very much over the past few years which made his total net worth to increase each year by more than $3-4 million dollars.

But still, nobody knows exactly how much worth do PewDiePie has right now. As its always estimated amount different YouTuber. And this number can be fluctuating a lot based upon the number of views and sales he will be making in any year.

If there will be any drop in his total views on a yearly basis then there will be a lower estimation of his worth and vice versa if his view keeps on increasing yearly.

Where does PewDiePie live?

The biggest star of YouTube and arguably of Social media, “Felix Arvid Kjellberg” aka Pewdiepie is originally from Sweden, Gothenberg.

He has an Italian Girlfriend Marzia after they met they have almost been living together. They once moved to Italy and spent some time in Marzia’s hometown and then they moved to Gothenberg and lived there for a while. But now they are living together in UK Brighton.

This happened because of the controversy related to PewDiePie as he was outspoken about religious wrongdoing which led him to fly Sweden as he was getting death threats from many religious people from Sweden.

How many subscribers does PewDiePie have?

As of now currently, PewDiePie has around 105 Million YouTube Subscribers. To know the exact count you can go to his YouTube channel here.

But you must be aware of the long-standing fight between PewDiePie and T-series which gained him more than 60 million followers in less than a year span. As initially, PewDiePie was the only individual creator on YouTube with the most subscribers base.

But in the Year 2018-2019 the T-Series growth in subscriber base led PewDiePie to the second spot in subscriber base. But there was an intense battle in which most of the time PewDiePie was on the top spot unless after 90 million PewDiePie couldn’t grow anymore than T-Series.

How much does PewDiePie make per day?

PewDiePie makes around $10000 per day from his YouTube channel. He also earns around $500 to $1000 or maybe more than that from his merchandise selling which is promoted by him on his channel. So, in Total, he might be making somewhere around on average $11000 per day.

If you will see PewDiePie earning then it can be summarized in many ways which are as follows:

  • Most of his earnings are coming from Sponsorships as he has created authority and celebrity status among his followers on YouTube. So, he loves promoting stuff on his channel which gives him affiliate earnings in terms of advisement and promotion.
  • He sells his own merchandised products such as T-Shirts and other stuff in his store which earns him quite a lot of money per month.

Why is PewDiePie so popular?

PewDiePie became so famous because he used to talk and discuss controversial topics related to religion. This offended most of the people but also garnered him a lot of support.

He is also the most subscribed YouTube because of his controversy with Indian YouTube Channel T-Series which is the most popular channel in India for music videos.

The fight between T-Series Vs PewDiePie made him more popular all around the world. And hence he started getting extensive media coverage which made him almost a celebrity status all around the world and among his supporters.

How many views does PewDiePie have?

Currently right now when this post is last updated PewDiePie Channel on YouTube had a total of 27.1 Billion Views on his total 4000 plus videos combined. This is really huge view count for any YouTube Channel and you can make an estimated earning out of it.

And still, he is getting around 1 million views per day on YouTube. And right now he is ranking 4th in subscriber rank and he is 16th on view rank in the overall world. The strange fact is he has registered his YouTube account as the United States YouTube account.

How much does PewDiePie make

How tall is PewDiePie?

He is around 5 feet and 10 inches in body height. He is an average height person not very tall or very short.

That’s is from my side answering all those questions related to PewDiePie.

Does PewDiePie Live in Sweden?

No, PewDiePie currently does not live in Sweden and he is currently residing in Brighton, United Kingdom.

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