Why is My Amazon in Spanish? Change the Language

Does your Amazon Homepage language is shown as Spanish? Are you thinking Why is My Amazon in Spanish? Then in this article, you will learn how to change the language on the Amazon website.

Why does my Amazon homepage appear to be in Spanish? Everything remained the same, and now that the drop-down is in Spanish, I’m not sure where to go to return it to its original English language. Does this sound familiar?

Why My Amazon Website Language is Set to Spanish?

When you click on a foreign link on Amazon, your language options are immediately changed. This is particularly easy to do without realizing it, especially while searching on Google.

For example, if you search something on Google for a product on Amazon, and suppose the link or product that is shown on the Google Search result belongs to Amazon Mexico or to a country where Spanish is the Primary language then your Amazon language can get switched automatically.

In this article, we will explain why Amazon frequently switches to Spanish or other unusual languages on your smartphone or PC, as well as how to resolve the issue.

Before proceeding to the remedy below, either close and reopen the Amazon tab, or use a different browser to see if that helps. This will assist you in determining the root of the problem.

How to Change the Language Back to English on Amazon

If other browsers display your Amazon in your favorite language, check the language and region settings of the browser that is displaying your Amazon in your preferred language.

It is most probable that your account settings are the source of the problem if Amazon seems to be in Spanish on all of your browsers and devices.

Why is My Amazon in Spanish? Change the Language

As you can see in the above image, Once you select the country in which you are using the Amazon website, in the drop-down menu you will get options of all the languages supported in that country.

From that list you can select the language which you prefer the most and immediately your language for the Amazon website will be switched and refreshed.


That is the wrap for this article, we showed you how you can quickly switch the country and as well as the language you want on your Amazon website. It is a pretty quick and easy-to-understand process.

Also, you learned why suddenly your Amazon is in Spanish. And you learned how to fix it quickly. If you are still facing an issue let us know in the comment section and I will try to help you as soon as possible.

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