Why Is My Emerald Card Being Declined

Trying to use your Emerald card to make an online payment, but it keeps failing and your Emerald Card is being declined every time, and you’re infuriated.

I’ll explain why this is happening, and at the end of the day, you won’t have to wonder why my Emerald card is being declined every time I try to make an online payment. This can be extremely frustrating, and I completely understand because I’ve been in your shoes before.

After searching the internet and reading various posts, I discovered the following reasons why your Emerald card was declined while attempting to make an online payment.

Why Is My Emerald Card Being Declined?

If you were unable to make a purchase with your Emerald Card, it’s likely that your account has been frozen, your card is invalid or expired, or you’ve exceeded the card’s credit limit. For the most part, this is the reason your emerald card has been declined.

Why Is My Emerald Card Being Declined

Because I’ve seen it happen to a lot of people, this is the most common of the issues I’ve encountered. But still, there can be other reasons because of which your Emerald Card is declined those are listed below.

1. Emerald Card Is Blocked For Transaction

As previously stated, this is a common complaint among holders of Emerald Cards. The emerald card does not work with all online platforms, and some payment platforms do not accept the card.

Emerald Card Is Blocked For Transaction

If you attempt to make a purchase with your Emerald card, the transaction will be declined right away, regardless of how many times you try.

If this happens to you, you’ll need to get in touch with the card company’s customer service department and voice your concerns. They’ll tell you if their card is compatible with the payment method you’re using.

2. Emerald Card Have Exceeded The Card Limit

Other reasons for emerald card declines include exceeding the daily or monthly limit, which is another common issue.

Emerald Card Have Exceeded The Card Limit

You may think something is wrong with your debit or credit card when you see this type of error message, and not know that you have exceeded the limit.

To avoid going over the daily or monthly limit, a card user will either have to wait until the following month or use another card to pay for the transaction. Contact emerald customer service if you find that your daily or monthly card limit is too low and aggravating.

3. Emerald Card Is Blocked For Online Payment

There are some Emerald cards that are not activated for online payments. And they should check with customer service before proceeding with any online transaction.

As even I got a card that was not working for online payment when I was trying to buy something from the Amazon store. Later I found out that the card that I have does not support online transactions I need to stick to offline transactions only.

4. Your Bank Account Linked To Emerald Card Is Frozen

Another possible reason for a failed transaction is a frozen bank account, which is usually only discovered after contacting the card issuer. Your emerald card may have been declined because of this.

There is no way to make a payment if a bank account is frozen because debit transactions won’t go through no matter how hard the person tries to make them.

When a customer attempted to make an online payment and it was unsuccessful after several tries, the customer called the bank and was informed that his account had been frozen because a creditor had levied or garnished funds from his bank account.

You’ll never know unless you call your bank in this situation. Your emerald card may be frozen if you saw it declined while trying to make an online payment. To be sure, you should speak with a member of the customer service team to find out exactly what’s wrong.

5. Invalid Card Information Or Expired Emerald Card

It is possible for an emerald to be declined if the card number, the CVV, and the card name are all incorrect. If the card belongs to you, you should know the card name, card number, expiration date, and CVV.

But if you keep getting the message that your card has been rejected by the issuing bank, please double-check the emerald card information you entered to make sure it is correct and matches the information on your emerald debit card or credit card.

Your emerald card may also be declined due to expiration. The expiration date of the debit or credit card is usually written on the front. However, some people will try to pay online with an expired card to see if it works.

Your payment should be processed because they have funds in their account. If your debit or credit card has expired, don’t use it to make payments or any debit transactions until you renew it. You can never use your card to make a debit transaction, no matter how hard you try.

Wrap Up

I hope you figured out why your Emerald card was declined. I’ve listed the top five most common causes of this problem.

There could also be another problem, such as insufficient funds in your bank account or the Emerald server being down. If the previous reasons did not work for you, you can check to see if these two are the culprits. Please let me know if you are still having problems in the comments section.

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